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Arrival Experience

"A good first impression can work wonders"


Guest Arrival is one of the most critical components of the stay. It is the first impression of the property and sets the tone for the rest of the stay. Despite the automation trend in the industry, Arrival remains one of the areas where the human touch is in high demand.

It is known when guest arrival is challenging the entire stay is set to failure. As humans, we anticipate based on experience, and when the first touch is bad, it is challenging to overcome the first impression.


Arrival experience has two components: Essential and Memorable
























Essential is very important because it includes all items that are needed to register a guest, such as billing information, getting a guest name or confirmation number, confirming room type and length of stay. However, Essential Component does not provide any special experience. Does not set the tone for the future stay and is nothing unique to the guest.


Memorable part is what makes the difference. This is where we learn about our guest, about their preferences. This is where we make a connection and ask questions that we can further use to make guest stay special. The memorable part of the Arrival is what makes the difference in guest stay and anticipation of stay.






How often you catch yourself or your coworker at the desk asking the guest in front of them who just walked in from outside with luggage "Checking in?" 


Yes, reading clues is very important! It's a tool that can help you to make a connection with your guest and personalize the experience.

Engaging and asking open-ended questions upon check-in is what allows you to develop a relationship with your guest.


You are possibly wondering how within 3 -5 minutes, I am supposed to confirm all stay details and collect payment, register guest and get to know them, develop relations and personalize the experience. 


Watch full Arrival Experience Training in our Training Videos section.


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