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Daily report

Daily Report is a valuable tool used in day to day operations that allows managers to measure and track the performance of property versus last year, budget and month to date pace.


Daily Report, Revenue Report, Flash report (depending on company) each property and management company will have a specific name for the report, however, they all deliver same information and perform the same function.


Daily Report is prepared during Night Audit and shows revenue information for the previous day compared to different time periods. Daily Report allows managers to evaluate how current financial results compared to the budget, last year and month to date.


This report will contain revenue information as well as statistical information on all revenue centers for the property.


Typically, in the beginning, a report will show revenues generated by each revenue center (department) in comparison to Budget and Last Year as well as Month to Date.


In the picture below we can see the summary page from Daily Report, that shows us how well Rooms, Food and Other divisions performed in the month compared to Budget and Last Year.


Next, you will see each Department (Revenue Center) detailed to provide you with enough information to analyze specific area to be able to make the necessary adjustments or changes while you are in the month.


See below Room portion of Daily Report. This section will provide you with Room Segmentation as well as other statistical information for various comparisons.


Following Room information you will see Food and Beverage information, where you will find all financial details on different food revenue centers.

Some companies will choose to include labor productivity metrics as part of the daily report, others will have separate Labor Report available to track productivity performance.

However, whether you have one report or multiple, your goal remains the same and these reports are best tools to measure success, progress and take an action where needed.

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