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Guest Room Cleaning

When discussing room cleanliness procedures, it should be noted that not only effective cleaning is essential but also efficient. It is important that your room attendants are able to meet productivity standards and are efficient in the rooms as much as possible.


Efficient and productive performance, consistent results are only possible with a systematic approach.

Typically, Housekeeping departments are one of the most if not the largest departments of the property. Which makes it more difficult to implement and maintain procedures. However, success formula is simple. Do it once, repeat it 10 more times until it becomes a habit.


There are many programs and SOP’s on how to clean the guest room. My favorite is one that takes into consideration not only time spent in the room and cleanliness quality but also efficiency (amount of steps room attendant makes in the room)


ABC’s of Housekeeping program was developed by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. It is a step by step guestroom cleaning program that focuses on cleanliness and efficiency techniques when it comes to guest room cleaning.

The formula is simple:


  • Away with old

  • Bed

  • Cleaning Chemicals

  • Dusting

  • Everything in bathroom

  • Finish the bedroom


It is vital to respect the privacy of the guest. Prior to entering guest room knock on the door with your knuckles. Do not use other objects for this purpose. Knock three times prior to entering guest room. After each knock announce “Housekeeping”. Open the door. Prior to entering guest room announce one final time to allow guest to respond.


If the room is vacant proceed to cleaning process.


If the room is occupied. Apologize for disturbing the guest and ask if the guest would like service later. Share the location of “Do not Disturb sign” in the room and explain to the guest how this sign can benefit them. If it is past your hotel check out time inquire if the guest would like to extend reservation and share this information with Front Office.



Away with old

This step entails removing all garbage, old linen and used items from the room. It is recommended to have a small bag with you when entering the room, so you can collect old items all at once without making a few trips back to your cart.

Strip the bed linen

Strip bathroom towels

Collect dirty room glasses

Remove dirty towels



Make the bed according to your Brand standards

Cleaning Chemicals

Spray bathroom cleaner on the shower walls, tub surfaces and tub fixtures.

Spray toiled seat, toilet bowl, lid, handle and base.

Spray sink, vanity and fixtures


Return to the room and walking in a clockwise circle around the room dust and clean all the furnishings. With high duster dust the tops of pictures, mirrors.

Everything in Bath


Return to bathroom and clean vanity area, ensure to dry and polish surface.

Scrub, rinse and completely dry the shower walls, tub and tub fixtures.

Clean the toilet and dry all outside surfaces, ensure toilet is in working condition.

Replace bathroom supplies. Restock with fresh linen. Remove spots and stains from the walls.

Spray All Purpose cleaner on the floor, then using a flat mop start at the furthers corner in the bathroom and mop your way out.

Finish Bedroom


Clean the closet. Check iron and ironing board. Replace guest room amenities walking throughout a room in circle. Starting at the far end of the room, vacuum it turning of the lights, TV and radio as you go. Adjust room temperature. Take one last look around to make sure lampshades are straight, bed covers hand properly and furniture is in right position.

Securely close the door.

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