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How to respond to an unhappy guest email/survey

While we all would prefer responding to Thank You Letters for a Great Stay from the guests, we all much more often respond to not so happy guest emails or surveys. And the reason behind it is that as humans we are more likely to share our negative emotions and experience rather than positive.

Responding to guest emails is extremely important as it gives you an opportunity to resolve the situation, prevent negative social media review and win your guest back for a future stay. Often, this task could be challenging as it requires you to draw each word, line, and paragraph carefully. Ensure you are addressing the primary concerns, ensure the guest is feeling heard and understood.

To guarantee the success of your mission follow provided technique. Each letter should follow strict paragraph and content.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. ……..,


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.


I am very disappointed to learn about your experience. As a Hotel, we strive for excellent comfort and best customer service for our guests. Clearly, we did not deliver these standards. Not only you experienced such an inconvenience but we (our staff) was not able to assist you and resolve situation.

Please accept my sincerest apologies, as this us certainly not the level of service we would like to provide to our guests. I would like to assure you that we will take all necessary steps to address concerns and I will personally speak with Front Office Manager to look in to the situation further as we heavily rely on our Front Office Associates to take care of and ensure satisfaction of our guests.

We appreciate your feedback as it is extremely important to us and will use this information for training and developing purposes.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do further to remedy the situation for you.





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