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Impact you can have on the world

If you landed on this page I would like to believe that you are the type of manager that is consistently seeking ways to improve, make an impact whether it is your department, guest experience, your property’s bottom line or the world.

Your opportunities are endless, and the contribution you can make is so massive and impactful.


Generally, we believe we oversee our designated area and neglect to look around us for opportunities. If Executive Housekeeper asked for financials, typically response is:” Oh I don’t deal with numbers”. Well…. why not? Guestroom and Cleaning Supplies are good part of expense portion for Rooms Division. It is one of the largest expense lines if not the largest for some properties, when it comes to expense on Rooms Part

  • By implementing and maintaining proper ordering system you can directly impact CPOR (Cost per Occupied Room)

  • Having good training program and well-trained room attendants you will impact MPOR (Minutes per Occupied Room) which is another profit influencer

  • And finally, returning guest is a big revenue generator

Guest Experience

I have asked many times in the past my guests, what are they looking for when choosing hotel room? And almost every time answer was way different than I expected. I was asking the question with intention to understand how I can attract more guests, perhaps change amenities, perhaps create unique experiences, or may be welcome someone with champagne upon arrival. Simplicity of the truth amazed me each time this question was answered. There are truly few things that are deal makers or breakers in this case. Guests want CLEAN rooms, good internet connection, easy and friendly customer service. By having consistently clean facilities and making your guest feel safe and comfortable in the room you are increasing chances of returning guest. However, in our days that is not sole benefit you get. As we know, almost every person reads reviews prior to purchasing any service or product. Good or bad TripAdvisor review can draw interest to your property or put off your potential guests.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security of both associates and guests is most vital component that any leader should guarantee. Nevertheless, it is subject that gets least attention. We get too involved with daily routine, so safety training often pushed to second plan. Also, because we do not have accidents and incidents every day we have a little comfort cushion and do not engage in this subject daily.

Although, we do not have accidents every day when these situations occur, they come with consequences. Those consequences can cost you a lot. Whether it is a lawsuit, whether it is an associate who must be away from work due to strain or bridge of guest safety. To this subject can be dedicated many paragraphs and each training should be fully unfolded and reviewed in full.

Community, Environment, World

You have endless opportunities to make a difference. There are plenty of programs that allow you to recycle soap, shampoo and other amenities to those that are in need.

There are few programs and organizations that you can partner with to help you with this mission.

Clean the World is the world's largest organization recycling hotel soap

Clean the World has distributed more than 44 million bars of soap to over 127 countries

Make a Green Choice is another amazing Green Program that allows your guest to decline housekeeping service and receive reward. The impact of this program is huge. By declining Housekeeping service for one night we are saving 37.2 gallons of water, 0.19KWH electricity, 25 000 btu energy and 7 oz chemicals.


However, developing Green Culture is one of the biggest and most important steps. By not letting water run when it is unnecessary, by using natural light when possible by creating awareness in your team and making them feel they are part of something big is what truly makes an impact.

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