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Leadership checklist

Role and responsibilities of Front Office leader are tremendous. Therefore good organization skills are necessary to be successful.  When daily whirlwind is taking over you, it is often impossible to follow the plans. Let’s be honest there are always whirlwinds at the desk.

How many times you walked to the hotel with the plan of what you are going to accomplish and what projects you are going to execute and your plans fall through as soon as you walked in.  It is the nature of the job and every Front Office, smaller hotel or large, luxury or destination, city or suburban they all share a common thing, every Front Office Departments is the same. Somewhere little more, somewhere little less, but everywhere it is the same rush, same emotions, same goals, same daily issues.

To keep organized we are going to review what you should use as a daily checklist item, what you should check on consistently and how to run successful operations.


On a daily Checklist


  1. Review Comp Rooms Report

  2. Review Room Rate Change Report

  3. Review Room Moves Report

  4. Review High Balance Report/Credit Limit

  5. Review Day use rooms and ensure charges are posted

  6. Review Out of Order Rooms

  7. Run adjustment report and review all adjustments for previous day

  8. Review credit card refunds

  9. Review disputes from third parties



General Security and Safety Check Points


  1. From time to time randomly review check-in process and ensure agents are asking and confirming picture ID’s

  2. Make a phone call to Front Desk and ask to be transferred to the guestroom without providing the last name. Ensure agents are aware and not transferring phone calls to the rooms without confirming the last name of the guest (More this subject will be reviewed in Hospitality Law section)

  3. Conduct random audits and ensure guests have not been issued keys without proper identification

  4. Ensure Arrival Report is being reviewed and all ADA requests are fulfilled

  5. Glance over key log and question any incomplete lines

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