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Front Office Operations 

"Reception" from Latin “the act of receiving; from recipiō (“receive”). From ancient times to our days hotel Front Office functions have changed tremendously. But one component remained the same. Guest arrival experience. The first function of the Hotel Front Office was to "recipio" guests, register and accommodate. Guest arrival was and will always be the main focus of this department, however in our days Front Office carries many other roles and key responsibilities.


To the topic of Front Office Operations can be dedicated many and many pages of information. It is such a broad subject that involves not only guest relations but also financial management, employee relations, cost control, Brand relations and many more. 


Further, we will review the duties and responsibilities of Front Office Manager. To better uncover this subject I decided to provide a typical job posting for Front Office Manager position.



  1. Hiring, Training and developing of Front Office personnel (Desk Agents, Phone Operators, Night Auditors, Bell Desk, Concierge) depending on a property

  2. Ensuring high-quality service for all guests

  3. Reinforces standards of Excellence and promotes a positive work environment

  4. Resolving guest complaints and incidents according to hospitality standards

  5. Acting as a Manager on Duty when needed

  6. Conducting daily pre-shift meetings, ensuring staff is aware of Arrivals, Departures and VIP guests

  7. Ensuring guests with special requests are accommodated

  8. Adhering to Brand policies and standards

  9. Building a relationship with key accounts. Monitoring and ensuring group stay is according to contract/agreement

  10. Full Responsibility for Scheduling and Payroll of the Department

  11. Full Responsibility for managing operating expenses and purchasing for the Department

  12. Works closely with Yield Manager in maximizing revenue through controlling cancellations, up sells and early/late, arrival/departure fees

  13. Fosters cross-department communication

  14. Enforces all cash-handling, check-cashing, and credit policies

  15. Maintains master key control

  16. Upholds the hotel's commitment to hospitality

  17. Ensures logging and delivery of all messages, packages, and mail in a timely and professional manner

  18. Maintains an organized and comprehensive filing system with documentation of purchases, vouchering, schedules, forecasts, reports and tracking logs

  19. Member of the hotel emergency response team. Handles all fire-life-safety procedures

When we speak about Front Office Manager Position or even just words Front Desk, Reception, Guest Service Representative our mind associates with, Customer Service, Guest, Satisfaction. While it is very accurate interpretation, it is necessary to note that it should not be the only association.  It is clear that this position requires more skills than customer service, entails many other responsibilities and is one of the key contributors to overall hotel success.

Next, we are going to review all significant areas that Front Office Leader is involved with, carries full or partial responsibilities.

As we can see the Front Office Department and leaders are not only one of the key contributors to the financial success of the property but also key players when it comes to liability matters. Next chapters will provide detailed descriptions, best practices, and checklists on specific subjects.


However, while there are multiple roles that Front Office carries, it has always been the main impactor of guest experience. From, the moment the guest arrives Front Office sets a tone for the entire stay....

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